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Motivational Mondays

033 – 4 Rules to Turn Your Life Around (MM)

This may be one of the most important episodes we’ll ever do. Here are four powerful rules for turning your life around or simply for getting out of a rut, rehashing a years-old comment by Redditor /u/ryans01, who gave us permission to share these rules with you on the podcast and blog. Blog at

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027 – Bosses and Colleagues Seem to Have It Out For You? (MM)

Bosses and colleagues seem to have it out for you? Even if — and perhaps especially if — you perform well, it’s possible you’re transgressing some of Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power. Become more aware of these potential situations and how to avoid them happening so you are less likely to go through work with a target on your back. Blog at

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023 – How To Never Have Test Anxiety Again (MM)

Whether it’s test anxiety, speech anxiety, or something similar, there are some basic steps one can take to avoid the feeling and enter high-pressure events with greater poise. This month we deconstruct one simple 4-step approach to shattering your test / speech / interview / presentation anxiety. Blog at

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017 – Fundamentals & How An Undefeated Legend Was Dethroned in 60 Seconds (MM)

Fedor Emelianenko was once considered the greatest mixed martial artist ever, with an undefeated streak of over 30 professional bouts, a run still unparalleled in the sport’s history. This month we talk about the one-minute contest that snapped Emelianenko’s winning streak and how a lack of focus on the fundamentals allowed a major underdog to shock the world with incredible ease. Blog at

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