Motivational Mondays, Financial Fridays, Talk Tuesdays, and Steve Sundays will make up the backbone of The Wealthy Healthy Podcast and Blog.

Intro to The Wealthy Healthy

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Welcome to The Wealthy Healthy, the podcast and blog dedicated to inspiring better mental, physical, and financial health. I’m your host, Riki Newton, and this article is our brief introduction to the show! We’ll be spending a few minutes on a straightforward intro to The Wealthy Healthy, to talk for a few minutes about what I hope to accomplish with this show, why I’ve chosen to focus on the topics of wealth and health in one place, and how the show will be structured.

To introduce the reason this show exists in the first place, I want to outline some figures. 62% of Americans have less than $1,000 saved. And the median retirement savings for all U.S. families? $5,000. In addition to those harrowing numbers, 68.8% of Americans are considered overweight, nearly half of those qualifying as obese. And in the U.S., 1 in every 4 deaths is attributable to heart disease. It’s realities like these that make me feel there can never be too much content or too many methods of delivering and consuming that content — whether you are finding this as someone who falls into one or both of those statistics, or you’re doing relatively well in both regards and are just looking to expand those horizons or have something to help cheerlead you along that path, then for either such person: this is a show for YOU.

I want to address the tagline I introduced at the top of the show. The Wealthy Healthy is the podcast and blog dedicated to inspiring better mental, physical, and financial health. I truly feel that the subjects of health and wealth go together, so though they may seem like separate subjects, I believe it makes perfect sense to discuss both. Because with better mental and physical health comes more capacity to build wealth, and the most important things that money can buy are freedom and peace of mind, which of course has a direct impact and influence on health.

It’s my passion for each of these topics that’s motivated my interest in building something like this. I want to deliver pep talks that get you fired up to go from good to great or from great to excellent. I want to share basic financial concepts to expose you to some new ideas or to fortify the understanding you already have. Not only that, but talking about topics like having discipline in exercise and in finances is good for just keeping myself accountable as well as I pursue better performance and achievement in both regards.

For me personally, the main areas I tend to appreciate energy boosts are around having discipline and finding purpose in exercise and work. I feel at my best day to day when I’m able to do those things regularly. And it’s with good health and wealth habits that I hope to build a future in which I’m able to support a family, spend more time creating, and contribute more to my community through volunteer opportunities.

Odds are, most people can recognize at least some of those things as high-priority values to maintain to live a meaningful and free life. That’s basically the focus of the show, which will be broken out into 4 segments. Each of those segments will tie back to the idea of better health, whether that’s through exploration of topics like changing physical habits, adjusting mental perception, or saving more of your income. The two primary pillars of the show will be Motivational Monday episodes and Financial Friday episodes.

On Motivational Mondays, I’ll deliver a pep talk or “advice column” of sorts where I’ll be exploring and explaining concepts that designed to inspire or facilitate extra progress and productivity in your life. Some of these episodes will talk about physical health, for example strategies for beating excuses and easy ways and reasons to work out at home. Some episodes will focus on mental health, for example exploring why it’s important to embrace discomfort. Some will be more cerebral or philosophical in nature, like discussion of the many worlds interpretation and how self-fulfilling prophecies impact real world experiences.

For Financial Fridays, I’ll be explaining and deconstructing basic concepts in personal finance, with a skew or focus on financial independence and early retirement schools of thought. I do want to stress that these episodes won’t be intended as financial advice — I’m not a certified financial planner or anything of that nature — but rather these episodes are meant simply to be an exposure to, discussion of and deconstruction of different ideas and concepts in personal finance, many of which I am actively pursuing myself. I’ll try to call out my own personal practices in several of these episodes as well so you can get a sense of where I’m personally placing my bets and putting my money where my mouth is when it comes to earning, saving, spending, and investing.

On Talk Tuesday episodes, I’ll have a guest — hopefully a wide variety over the course of the show — to talk about their own experiences on their path to improving their own wealth or health. Topics might include early retirement, escaping the comfort zone, building a business, rapid career growth, religion, productivity, immigration – basically anything interesting that relates back to the core focus of self-improvement and any successes and failures along the way.

The final category will be approximately once per season, where we’ll check in with the show’s engineer and my good friend Steve. These Steve Sunday episodes will basically use Steve as a case study as he pursues freedom from debt in pursuit of financial independence — he’s been generous enough to agree to disclose many aspects of his own financial situation for the show, and I think he’ll make a wonderful case study for a bunch of reasons. Steve is by no means at all an average guy, but his background and his financial situation on paper is similar to so many Americans that he’ll be a great example for understanding the ups and downs of embarking on the path to financial freedom when you’re starting in a position of tackling debt without a high starting salary as a springboard.

So there it is everyone! Motivational Mondays, Financial Fridays, Talk Tuesdays, and Steve Sundays will make up the backbone of The Wealthy Healthy Podcast and Blog. Oh, and I should definitely mention the whole podcast AND blog thing, but it’s super straightforward. I know some people prefer to listen and some prefer to read. I wanted to offer both so that any audience that benefits in any way at all from the content I create here can enjoy it in their preferred medium. I will say that the content will be nearly identical on both, and shared concurrently, so please take advantage of whichever form suits your preferences and lifestyle best.

Alright everyone, we are super excited to start sharing these ideas with you so please hang tight and tune in as things get underway and always feel free to share your thoughts, your praise, and your criticism as it all serves to make the show better.

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