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Financial Fridays

042 – Your Limiting Beliefs Are Keeping You Poor (FF)

If you aren’t achieving your financial goals, it may be that you are held back by your limiting beliefs around why others may have seen success where you haven’t. || blog at // follow us on instagram @thewealthyhealthy // subscribe for more on iTunes / Podcast iOS or Podcast Addict (Android) // music by

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029 – How To Double Your Savings Every Decade Without Doing Any Work (FF)

You can double your savings every decade without doing anything. Sound too good to be true? Mathematically, it’s actually not! Today we discuss the Rule of 72, a mathematical shortcut to determine how long it takes to double an investment depending on a variable interest rate. We also introduce some basic ways of investing in indexes to take advantage of their long-term financial benefits while requiring nearly no effort on your part. Blog at Music by

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019 – 401k vs. Roth IRA: How Are They Different and Which is Better? (FF)

401k vs Roth IRA: what are the differences? Is one better than the other? Does that depend on my goals or my income? So many questions and so many ways to answer — and the debate never ends! This month let’s demystify both of these very common retirement vehicles and have a little discussion on whether one is better than the other. The answer is likely to surprise you! Blog at / Music by

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016 – The Next Door Fastlaner: Combining Two Contrasting Wealth Building Strategies (FF)

A look at the “slow and steady” frugal path from The Millionaire Next Door and the “fast and furious” path from The Millionaire Fastlane and how we can take learnings from each to increase our chances at getting rich without having to place all eggs in a single “boring” or “overly risky” basket. Blog at / Music by

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