The Wealthy Healthy is the podcast and blog dedicated to inspiring better mental, physical, and financial health. It exists for the primary purpose of getting you fired up to make improvements in your life, in areas that are undoubtedly interconnected.

Welcome to The Wealthy Healthy!

The content presented within the show is not intended as direct or professional mental health, nutrition, fitness, or financial advice, unless it’s coming from a guest who is in fact a professional in one of those areas. Rather, the show is an exploration and discussion of concepts to help share with a broader audience a variety of ideas that may help motivate a desire to affect positive change in their own lives.

The website/blog will primarily feature Motivational Monday and Financial Friday content as blog posts, along with summaries of guest episodes and some additional content, resources, etc. Both Talk Tuesday and Steve Sunday episode content will only be distributed as podcast audio.

Note: Motivational Mondays and Financial Fridays will always be clean and PG in nature. Talk Tuesdays and Steve Sundays are more casual segments and are thus very likely to contain explicit language.

The show is organized into four categories or episode types as follows:

  • Motivational Mondays: pep talks to get you fired up
  • Talk Tuesdays: conversations with guests
  • Financial Fridays: exploring concepts in personal finance
  • Steve Sundays: quarterly financial case study with the show’s sound engineer

Meet Riki!

Riki Newton, the show’s host and writer, is a sales professional in the Silicon Valley tech industry. After doubling his income in the first 15 months of his career, he became considerably more interested in understanding how to invest and save surplus earnings responsibly. With research, conversation, and trial and error, he developed a grasp of some “Personal Finance 101s” that he hopes to share with others who may also be interested.

Additionally, Riki’s desire to listen to pep talks before exercise and his education and experience in psychology, human physiology, and fitness also motivated an interest in creating content that can help introduce more people to both basic and unorthodox approaches to improving overall health.

Riki Newton holds a degree in psychobiology with human physiology and communications emphases. In his free time he is a musician, author, and martial arts competitor.