Over the past year, Steve has made a 5-figure net worth increase with a sub-$50,000 salary. Listen in as we reflect! As with every Steve Sunday, you’re following along as the show’s sound engineer and webmaster Steve works to eliminate his 5-figure debt without a 6-figure salary as a springboard.


64 min episode

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As of November 2017:
Annual income: <$50,000
School debt: $51,128.74
Credit card debt: $872
401k contribution amount: 12% (as of early October)
Current market value in all retirement accounts: $14,855.06
Other investment vehicles: Bitcoin/Crypto ($5,900.52)
Cash holdings (savings, checkings): $728.32
Side hustles: ~$0/mo

Big changes:
– Bitcoin/crypto is on a tear
– Credit card debt only went up a bit, but it didn’t go down 🙁
– 401k passively picked up about a grand in interest passively and allocation increased back to 12%

Looking back at the year as a whole:
– Student debt down about $3,500
– Credit card debt down about $2,700
– Retirement accounts up about $4,900
– Cash savings down about $1,000
– Cryptocurrency holdings up about $5,500

Next year’s big goals:
– Increase salary to somewhere between $55,000-$75,000
– Credit card debt to $0
– Approximately doubling the improvement: shooting for a $20,000-$31,200 overall net worth improvement