Steve improves his net worth by almost $5,000 since our last episode — $7,000 increase total since the start of Steve Sundays! Listen to find out how.

Steve Sunday: Summer 2017

49 min episode

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As of July 2017:
Annual income: <$50,000
School debt: $52,212.61
Credit card debt: $700
401k contribution amount: 0% (to free up money for paying off credit card debt)
Current market value in all retirement accounts: $13,562.73
Other investment vehicles: Bitcoin ($1,655.82)
Cash holdings (savings, checkings): $1,438
Side hustles: ~$33/mo

Big changes:
– Rent came up a little bit
– Credit card debt went down almost $2k, school debt went down about $1k
– Bitcoin has gone up about $1k, but remains volatile
– 401k passively picked up interest worth almost $1k

Action items:
– Continue allocating more toward high-interest credit card and higher-interest student loan debts
– Increase 401k and tax allocations soon – knock out credit card debt ASAP
– Continue to execute strategies for moving toward $70k “happiness asymptote” income by spring 2018