First “Steve Sunday” case study episode: follow along as the show’s sound engineer and web designer Steve shares his financial situation and updates us every few months on any progress – or setbacks – he experiences on the road to zero debt and eventual financial independence.

Steve Sunday: Steve Sarmiento

1 hour episode

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As of November 2016:
Annual income: <$50,000
School debt: $54,501.84
Credit card debt: $3,592.65
401k contribution amount: 12%
Current market value in all retirement accounts: $9,969.75
Other investment vehicles: Bitcoin ($420.73)
Cash holdings (savings, checkings): $1713.23
Side hustles: ~$300/mo

Action items:
– Begin allocating more toward high-interest credit card and higher-interest student loan debts
– Consider reallocation of investment away from Bitcoin and potentially away from 401k as the credit card debt and some private loans are accruing interest higher than the positive gain of the 401k
– Begin potential plan of action to increase income from side hustles and/or primary employment